Overcast Shower Cover

The Overcast solution features a strong, vinyl bag and our patented “DRICUFF” Neoprene Closure Strap. Our product is sizeable allowing for optimal comfort for patients of all sizes. Help enable your patients to shower safely, repeatedly, and in comfort, and prolong the life of their cast, dressing, splint, or prosthetic by using our Overcast Shower Cover Kit.
  • 100% Guaranteed, Hospital and Doctor recommended and Latex-Free
  • Quality product – strong, vinyl bag and comfortable, durable neoprene strap lasts the life of the cast or dressing – no confusing pumps or cumbersome rings or cinches
  • Customizable – the patient sizes and cuts bag to length needed, allowing them to bathe and shower in comfort
  • Easy application – easy enough to put on with one hand
  • Safe & Convenient – much better than the plastic bag and rubber band to which some patients resort
  • Low price – our direct price keeps cost very reasonable
  • Leak Protection – when used as directed, protects arm and leg casts, bandages, burns, wounds and prosthetics from water while showering with a comfortable, secure seal
  • Reuseable – designed to be used more than once – will outlast the life of your cast
Please contact us at 1-800-423-2380 for current pricing. For instructions on how to apply strap click here